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  • 05. 02. 2019 EuDA Course

    Are you a teacher, educator, representative of a school or of an educational institution? Are you willing to know more about Strategic Management? Would you like to spend a week in Prague?  If the answer is YES, then this course is for you! This course is intended for teachers, educators, representatives of schools or of […]

  • 12. 12. 2018 Last press release and newsletter of VINA project

    VINA project (Validation of Informal and Non-formal Skills) is about to finish. During the last month of the project, public events have been held in each partner country in order to disseminate the project´s main outputs – the Database and ROTA Analyzer. Click here to look at the project´s last press release or here to read the third newsletter. […]

  • 29. 11. 2018 VINA Multiplier Event in Prague

    The Multiplier event of the VINA project was organized by the European Development Agency on Tuesday, 20th November 2018 in Prague. The event was open for public and the audience was composed by adults with and without a university degree, students in their final year of studies and university absolvents planning to do some sort […]

  • 29. 11. 2018 Second press release of VINA project

                       Intellectual outputs of the VINA project VINA project focuses on Validating Informal and Non formal Acquired Skills. It is an European Cofunded project coordinated by EURO, an Italian Research Centre. Partner organizations are: European Learning Network Ltd (United Kingdom), Evropská rozvojová agentura s.r.o. (Czech Republic), e‐Compass […]

  • 21. 11. 2018 3D-HELP project meeting in Zagreb

    Another meeting of 3D-Help project took place in Zagreb, Croatia at the beginning of November. The main purpose of the meeting was to evaluate the Intellectual Outputs, that have been already created, exchange of experience throughout the partnership and to discuss the following work tasks. Everything went really well, so we can continue working on […]

  • 13. 11. 2018 Alterdrive Project Meeting in Poland

    Between 16th and 18th October 2018, a meeting of Alterdrive project partners took place in Byalistok, Poland. The European Development Agency is one of the active participants in the project and was involved in the various steps that will lead to the creation of a new manual for secondary industrial schools about alternative fuels. A […]