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The ELMI project is financed by the Lifelong Learning Programme. European Development Agency is one of the partners.


Project statusOngoing
Topiceducation, social innovation, business support, health, mobility, other

The lead partner of the ELMI project (Enhancing Labour Market Integration of elderly family carers through skills improving) is the Romanian NGO Asociatia Habilitas Centru de Resurse si Formare Profesionala which deals with adult education and provides courses and consulancy in social, psychological and educational projects and programs.

In total, the project involves seven organizations from Italy, Romania, Poland, Austria and the Czech Republic. These are mainly non-profit organizations, but also universities and private companies.

Type of applicantNGOs, universities, private companies
Start date01.03.2014
Date of completion28.03.2016
Project objectives

The goal of the project is to enable the family carers (the people taking care about their relatives for free) to improve their skills through e-learning course and to develop a strategy to help these people become formal caregivers. The course will be transferred from Italy to Romania and it will provide the carers the valuable information about informal care and thus solid base for working in this area. The course will trraise the competences to provide a better care and also to reduce the risk of stress or burnout.


Activities and methods used during the project

The work plan in the ELMI project consists of several steps:

1. Preparation of the transfer of the Italian course (includes an analysis of the needs of the target group in Romania and Central Europe)
2. Translation and adaptation of the Italian tool to the Romanian specificities
3. Transfer of the Italian tool to Romania (testing the whole course by 40 people in Romania and selected two modules in the Czech Republic and Poland)
4. Elaboration of the ECVET model (inclusion of the course to the credit system in vocational training, signing a Memorandum of Understanding)

Project outcomes

The main project outcome will be the Italian e-learning course translated and adapted for Romanian needs. It will serve to education and better inclusion of non-formal seniors’ caregivers to labour market. Within the project it should be reassured if it is convenient to use this course also in the Czech and Polish conditions.

Original italian course is available on the website. It is composed of 18 didactic parts with overall duration of 60 hours. Each didactic part consists of audio-video presentation and the testing part (which controls the understanding of the trainee).

The course answers the following questions:

  • how to care for the elderly (hygiene, food, …)
  • how to deal with problems caused by the most common diseases (Alzheimer, Parkinson, stroke …)
  • how to prevent stress and burnout,
  • how to seek help from local communities etc.


Project financing

The project is financed by the Leonardo Da Vinci programme (under the Lifelong Learning Programme, which was replaced by Erasmus+ in 2014). The grant received by the Czech partner was EUR 15.000. The cofinancing of the Czech partner amounted to EUR 5.000.

Czech grant beneficiary

Europen Development Agency

Role of the Czech partner and evaluation of implementation

European Development Agency is responsible for the successful realization of the project in the Czech Republic. It will take care of dissemination and exploitation of the project, organizing workshops and meetings of the project representatives, analyzing the transferability of the project to Czech conditions and pilot testing of two modules of e-learning course in Czech conditions.

More information

More information you can find here on the EUDA website or on the project website www.elmiproject.eu.



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