W.I.N.E. – Wine In Northeastern Europe

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The WINE project is a finished project where the European Development Agency acted as one of the partners. The project focused on small wineries.

Projekt Wine

Project statusFinished
Topictourism, other

The project involved seven partners from six European countries (Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy and Germany).

The project coordinator was Polish Instytut dla Zjednoczonej Europy.

Other partners:

  • Stowarzyszenie Winiarzy Podkarpacia
  • Obcianske zdruzenie MOHYLA
  • Evropská rozvojová agentura
  • Turisticka zajednica grada Jastrebarskog
  • Retica s.a.s. di Dassiee M. e c.
  • Verein zur des historischen Weinbaus im Radum Weder (Havel) e. V.

Silent partners:

  • Združenie Tokajska vinna Cesta
  • Zagreb county wine roads-Plesivica wine road
Type of applicantNGOs, private companies
Start date01.08.2013
Date of completion31.07.2015
Project objectives

Project W.I.N.E. seeks to improve the marketing skills of winemakers in the field of wine tourism.

The aim of the project is to identify and share best wine tourism marketing practices in the partner countries and use them as the basis for education of small and medium-sized wineries.

Activities and methods used during the project
  • identify and prepare presentations about national good practices in the field of wine tourism;
  • organise a study visit in each partner country to present examples of good practices to the other partners;
  • draft a compendium of the good practices identified;
  • prepare training materials on the basis of the good practices identified;
  • identify desirable directions of development for wine tourism in the single partner countries;
  • identify possible strategies for joint promotion and synergies.
Project outcomes

The project will allow to:

  • enhance the ability of the target group to increase sales and diversify income by providing or upgrading their skills in marketing of wine tourism;
  • improve the collaboration between winegrowers and other organisations providing learning opportunities;
  • promote the development of innovative practices training;
  • increase the mobility of winegrowers at European level in order to foster peer learning.
Project financing

The total funding of the project was EUR 24.000.

Czech grant beneficiary

European Development Agency

Role of the Czech partner and evaluation of implementation

European Development Agency is actively involved in project implementation, EUDAs representatives participate in all project meetings during the project. It also brings foreign partners insight into the problems of wine tourism in the Czech Republic.

More information

More information you can find here on the EUDA website or on the project website.



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