Erasmus work placements


EUDA gives the students from Prague Universities the opportunity of an internship abroad. The hosts organisations can be public or private entities placed in the EU, Iceland, Norway, Turkey, Macedonia and some other countries. Internships are covered by Erasmus + programme.

Information for hosting organizations out of Czech republic

Information for AAU students

Information for VŠFS students

Information for TUL students

Information for students of AMU

Information for students of CEVRO Institut

Information for students of VŠKK

Information for studnets of ČVUT


Our students are looking for a traineeship in different areas and in different organisations. If you are interested for more information about the possibilities, don’t hesitate to contact us at


  • Who is the internship for?

    Internships are open to all degree-seeking students and to students who are expecting to graduate during academic year 2016/17 (“future graduates” in Erasmus terminology).

  • What are the conditions for students and future graduates going on a work placement?

    The student must be enrolled in an accredited Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme at the time the placement is confirmed.

    However, in the case of “future graduates”, the student may go for the internship in the months immediately after graduation, i.e. the trainee doesn’t have to retain formal student status at the time of his/her departure.

    The work placement is a full-time job according to a pre-agreed work plan.

  • Where can I go for an internship?

    The EU countries + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey.

  • How long is the internship?

    The minimum length of the internship is 2 months; the maximum is 12 months.

  • For how long is a scholarship provided?

    The scholarship is provided for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 months. If the student decides to extend his/her internship beyond 3 months, the extra months will not be funded.

  • What are the financial conditions?

    The scholarship is provided as a lump sum per month of the internship abroad; the amount of the scholarship depends on the destination country. Find in the following link here the specifications on the financial conditions. Grants, call 2017-2019

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