harvest films

HARVEST Films, o.s, is a Czech non-profit organization specialized in the production of scientific movies and documentaries targeted at the agricultural topic. People sometimes tend to forget it, but cinema is one of the best mediums to catch the attention of people, along with being a way of understanding, expressing, sharing and explaining things.

This is the reason why HARVEST Films offers the expertise in the field of disseminating knowledge among thousands of people over Europe, in order to give your projects the opportunity to reach a far wider audience. Indeed, our past 18 years of experience have taught us how to efficiently reach and deeply captivate the interest of scores of thousands of people from the everyday life, would this be during International Scientific Film Festival screening, or on TV channels, websites, etc.

Over these years, we have effectively been involved many times in film processing and complete film translations, synchronous electronic subtitling for the International Film Festival Karlovy Vary, FEBIO Fest and many others.

Harvest Films is the driver of the initiative “Learning by Films”, on which they are collaborating with four Local Action Groups (LAG). The aim of this initiative is to educate about the importance of agriculture and the main event they organize is the Life Sciences Film Festival (www.lsff.cz/en). Harvest Films would make an excellent dissemination partner not only because of the Film Festival, but also because it is member of different Networks, it cooperates with Universities, Associations of farmers and food producers and many other important stakeholders.

Generally, Harvest Films are a special kind of subject – partially (and legally) a non-profit organizer of educational events, festivals, workshops, seminars, but with deep scientific background (both from the basic research, in the Czech Academy of Sciences, and from the industrial applications, Gilead Sciences – the world leader in drug discovery, and the HIV and other disease therapies) in the fields of biology, synthetic chemistry, biochemistry, and numerous other areas. The business activities of HF range from the development of electronic systems, and full production services for festivals (for example, PORTLINGUA),  to scientific consulting, and knowledge transferring and promoting the advances of agricultural sciences.

Other skills and topics are:

  • Close co-operation with the Faculty of Economics and Management, which is useful for analysis of the rural areas;
  • The LSFF festival and other projects employ the broader background of the Czech University of Life Sciences and numerous research institutes – these organisations provide the science and the-state-of-the-art genuine solutions, which are then disseminated via courses, seminars, screenings and workshops, targeted not only to farmers and other food providers, but to generally all rural subjects, playing an important role in the rural space – so it means the public – communities, the municipalities, the rural entrepreneurship and to NGOs;
  • Ability to identify interdisciplinary opportunities: the combination of the festival worldwide relations, with the Czech and European rural practice, and the academic and research background allows us to spot and share not only the newest technologies and solutions, but also to pinpoint the vital traditional relations, which makes the roots and the very foundation of various rural systems including the organic farming;
  • Access to databases, and cooperation with various processional or interest groups;
  • Experience with projects: we implemented several projects in last five years (including the LSFF project, or Learning Through Film project), which were aiming into the dissemination vital and advanced knowledge for community-led local development (CLLD);
  • Expertise in trainings and lecturing in various areas and rural contexts;
  • Excellent staff: HF is employing the best Czech experts, both the professionals – men of the very rural practice – and academic experts, renowned university scholars, and world recognized figures in the mentioned fields;
  • The best dissemination capacity: dissemination of results on national and international scale is the very vital point of all our activities. HF has the practical experience with the co-operation not only with the Czech Republic, but also with EU subjects or partners from the all over the world (farmers, film-makers, teachers, NGOs, universities, production companies).

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