rom praha

RomPraha is the Roma NGO which was founded in 2004. It is an umbrella organization for the needs of the other Roma associations working in Prague. RomPraha represents 16 Roma organizations (e.g. Romano Dives, Lačhe Roma, Náš svět, Děti světa, Palaestra, Cikne Čhave, Dženo, Romea, Romodrom) in the field of Roma integration, especially in the leisure time activities, in education and employment area.

The RomPraha association promotes the Roma culture and helps to educate the members of the associations. It realizes the activities focused on awareness raising (seminars for students) to enhance the mutual communication between the Roma community and the public. The association intensively cooperates with other NGOs on the preparation and implementation of projects concerning the members of Roma community. Initially, it was mainly the collaboration on the international project in participation with Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Culture and the Government Council for National Minorities and the Netherlands government.

RomPraha representatives contributed to the analysis of the Roma community needs which was worked up by the Centre of Social Services and Prevention and Socioclub Prague. It contains the mapping of Roma community needs in the Prague area – living, employment, education and social needs. RomPraha participated on organizing the Roma festivals (in Rožnov pod Radhoštem, Strážnice, Brno and Karvinná), Miss Roma and Roma Talent.


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