The European development agency now participates in a new Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project “AlterDrive” which has started on the 1st November 2017. The project period is 24 months and there are five partners from the Czech Republic, Poland and Spain. The project aims at improving the quality of education in automotive engineering.

The main goal of the “AlterDrive” project is to create such a strategic partnership which will improve the quality and relevance of the automotive engineering vocational education and training offer by developing a new and innovative approach to teaching in the profession and supporting the dissemination of best European practices in this field.

Thanks to international cooperation and a partnership of schools, research center and businesses it will be possible to carry out:
1. design activities by verifying the model of driving instruction at the level of vocational education both from the schools side and from the perspective of the industry;
2. create a model program for the introduction of elements related to alternative propulsion vehicles and will prepare its theoretical scope in accordance with the profile of training in the profession and the necessary qualifications and minimum program;
3. conduct research and verifying employers’ needs in terms of staffing and professional skills necessary in the labor market in this sector;
4. develop methodologies and sets of practical exercises to develop course materials in the automotive sector for alternative sources of propulsion;
5. create materials developed for practical driving courses in the automotive sector for alternative propulsion and, in particular, working with schools for conducting a pilot course with students and entrepreneurs;
6. launch an “AlterDrive” platform for learning alternative propulsion systems in the automotive engineering profession.

The platform will be able to be used in automotive engineering classes practically throughout Europe, and will include the hybrid drive distribution, the operation of vehicles with such a drive, braking energy recovery, hybrid electric vehicle components, and hybrid electric vehicle power on board. In addition, the construction, operation, diagnosis and repair of fuel cells used for propulsion of cars and the installation of alternative fuels for engines with spark ignition and compression ignition will be described. Transparent drawings and diagrams facilitate the understanding of the content, and interactive and English-speaking exercises will find a wide field for dissemination of this major final result.

The lead partner of AlterDrive is Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego w Wysokiem Mazowieckiem. That is a polish center for vocational training, located in Wysokie Mazowieckie.

Project Partners are: