European Development Agency implements a wide range of national and international projects in various areas including Education, Mobilities and training, Social innovation, Technological innovation, Environment and Sustainable transport.

DigitUp Project

The DIGITUP project aims to develop an innovative a training course, a serious game, and assessment tools that will make it practical for VET educators and teachers to train and transform managers of SMEs and self-entrepreneurs into the future managers, armed with cutting-edge digital skills that will enable them to achieve digital transformation using Industry 4.0 frameworks and BIC technologies.


VET3D project has for main ambition the promotion of the three-dimensional approach in VET, merging formal, non-formal, and work-based training and the strengthening of digital up-skilling of learners’ transversal competences

Behave Your Prints

BYP aims at tackling young people’s lack of awareness of their digital footprint and digital reputation.

Erasmus Work Placements

EUDA gives the students from Prague universities the opportunities to go abroad as interns and the host organizations the opportunity to profit from the qualified work of a young person from abroad. The hosts organizations can be public or private entities placed in the EU, Iceland, Norway, Turkey and Macedonia and some other countries.

ORWELL Project

The general objective of ORWELL is supporting digital writing competencies in higher education. Today, more than ever, students are immersed in a technology-rich environment, which provides them with opportunities to improve and support fundamental skills such as writing. We interpret digital in two ways: students have to learn to write in digital spaces, students have to learn to use digital tools to support their writing processes.


The EAGLE project focuses on the development of innovative training standards for 3D Printing Polymer Operators. Its outputs will provide students and training providers with innovative tools for training and skills assessment

Smart and Skills

The Smart & Skills project is to develop and disseminate a pedagogical method, based on the theoretical foundation of the “Didactic Digital materials” focused on life skills, aiming to prevent and/or to face the early school leaving phenomenon.