DigitUp Project

Digitalization is amongst the various challenges that European Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) face in today’s climate. A major number of SMEs, report that they do not possess basic digital skills, resulting in a positive link between digital skill levels and turnover growth.

SMEs deal with several difficulties towards developing an online presence, they have a lack of awareness about the benefits and opportunities available related to digital resources, they are not familiar with digital platforms implementation, they do not have the solid knowledge to understand and assess digitalization transformation, digital formations, and online tools and platforms, and thus, they do not engage in Industry 4.0.

The DIGITUP project aims to develop an innovative a training course, a serious game, and assessment tools that will make it practical for VET educators and teachers to train and transform managers of SMEs and self-entrepreneurs into the future managers, armed with cutting-edge digital skills that will enable them to achieve digital transformation using Industry 4.0 frameworks and BIC technologies.

Impact of DIGITUP project at the local, regional and national level:

  • ensure the access to and use of innovative teaching and learning practices by the users
  • increase and enhance public debate about digital skills and knowledge over cutting edge technologies for SMEs,     microbusinesses, and self-enterprises
  • support and encourage an entrepreneurial environment that emphasizes on digital skills
  • encourage SMEs to engage in “Industry 4.0” activities through assessment tools and the DIGITUP serious game
  • raise awareness and offer up-to-date knowledge to VET educators and trainers relevant to BIC technologies and digital skills indicators/ roadmaps.

The project started on October 1st, 2022 and will be accomplished by October 1st, 2024

Our project partners are :

  • Innovation Hive (GR)
  • Gestión Estratégica e Innovación (SP)
  • Balkan Bridge (BU)
  • Prios Kompetanse (NO)
  • Consorzio Di Ricerca Hypatia (IT)

You can find more on the project on the project website:

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