AGORA Kick-off conference

Kick-off conference of „Advanced coGeneration Options for Reintegrating local Assets” – AGORA – Good Governance through social innovation

The newest Interreg Danube Transnational Programme – AGORA was officialy launched in a digital kick-off conference uniting more then 27 stakehoders and official representatives of the Lead Partner and the National Authority.

The overall objective of the project “Advanced coGeneration Options for the Reintegration of local Assets”- AGORA, is to improve the capacity of public administrations at local and regional level to become more credible and active leaders of local regeneration through development, testing and integration of new operational and political instruments for the revaluation of urban assets.

Under the coordination of the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca and by capitalizing on its experience in recovering and enhancing abandoned land and buildings (developed in the URBACT II Refill Project) and participatory urban actions, AGORA tests and facilitates the adoption in partner cities of new innovative and mediation tools between key actors at the urban level in order to capitalize on and reintegrate unused local assets (abandoned public and private buildings and land), connecting them with local and foreign economic opportunities.

The duration of the project is 30 months, starting with 1st of July 2020 and the total eligible budget of the project is 2,396,870.05 Euro.

The results of the projects aim to obtain:

  • Better participatory governance strategies;
  • Innovative governance framework for assessment, monitoring and benchmarking;
  • Public service co-creation, co-implementation and co-evaluation;
  • Transferability: AGORA Toolkit for cities and planners;
  • Mutual learning, knowledge and pilot transfer.

3D-Help Project Evaluation

3D-Help, a project led by EuDA aimed at providing adult people with education in the technology of 3D-Printing, has received a remarkable evaluation from the Czech National Agency. Motivated by the EU’s identification of this development as one of the most important emerging technologies as well creation of many new jobs and opportunities where digital literacy is required, projects’ partners worked on making EU adults competent in 3D-Printing.

Four different organizations joined us in the project: SC Ludor Engineering SRL in Romania, Macdac Engineering Consultancy Bureau Ltd in Malta, Social Innovation Fund in Lithuania, and Strojarska Technička Škola Fausta Vrančića in Croatia. Each of them was responsible for one of six project outputs defined in the beginning. As a lead partner, EuDA handled two of them.

With the finalization of the project, we have successfully executed the following outputs:

  • Guidelines on the use of 3DP in Adult Education
  • 3DP Case Studies for Adult Education
  • Curriculum of a 3DP Course for Adult Training
  • 3DP Course Content for Adult Training
  • 3DP Trainer Guidelines
  • 3DP e-Learning System for Adult Training

The content of the project and its outputs have been greatly appreciated by the Czech National Agency.

The feedback prepared by the Agency noted that 3D-Help was the first Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for Adult Education project to address 3D Printing in the Czech Republic. It highlighted the international dimension of the project and recognized its benefits, such as strengthening partners’ network of strategic partners in industry and creating new connections to help them engage in international research collaboration. The project’s activities and outputs were valued for creating a space for gaining new contacts, experience, knowledge, information, trends, and skills.

The NA acknowledged the project’s success in aligning with the plan defined at the beginning and appreciated EuDA’s effective management, proper monitoring of the project budget, and time organization. The project’s impact on the target groups has been very positively evaluated – through its outputs, we achieved to get the participants acquainted with 3DP technologies, raise awareness of the potential of 3D Printing and motivate the disadvantaged groups to learn about 3DP and ICT tools in general.

File:Erasmus+ Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Find more about the project here.

DESK: 3rd Newsletter

You can download the second newsletter of the project DESK here.

European City Facility EUCF – powering your potential

How to save energy tomorrow by acting today? The question countless cities and municipalities ask. This is the same issue EUCF seeks to solve. 

New help for old problems

EUCF is set up under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation of the European Union. It facilitates the transformation of energy and climate strategies into implementable investment concepts.

EUCF offers financial and technical assistance for sustainable energy practices to cities, municipalities, and their groupings from the European Union and the United Kingdom. The ultimate objective of EUCF is to help initiate energy investment projects across European municipalities.

Financing the change

EUCF provides tailored, rapid, and simplified financial support for developing investment concepts. EUCF funds:

  • in-house staff
  • external experts/sub-contractors
  • feasibility/social/market studies
  • engineering/financial analyses

The grant amounts to EUR 60.000 as lump sum, no co-financing required. Additional funding can be drawn from:

  • private sector
  • other EU-funded instruments, such as the European Fund for Strategic Investments, European Structural and Investment Funds, various Project Development Assistance facilities, like ELENA facility of the European Investment Bank
  • various national investment platforms.


2nd DESK Newsletter

You can download the second newsletter of the project DESK here.

First TICTAC Newsletter


3rd Partners Meeting in Italy – DESK

The DESK project partners have successfully concluded the 3rd Transnational Project Meeting in Potenza, Italy.
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TICTAC: Kick-off meeting in Prague

A kick-off meeting was held in Prague on November 29, 2019, for the new Erasmus+ project called TICTAC. The main aim of the meeting was to deal with intellectual outputs, to involve individual partners in their processing and, among other things, dissemination and project management.

The meeting was great and in a relaxed atmosphere and we are looking forward to further cooperation.


Final Newsletter of our 3D-Help project

Click here to read our final newsletter!

Final meeting and conference of 3D-HELP project

On September 23, 2019, EuDA organized the final partner meeting of our 3D-HELP project.
All partners (from Croatia, Lithuania, Romania and Malta) came to Prague to discuss the last steps of the project, its dissemination and sustainability.
The next day, September 24, we organized a final conference not only for the project partners, but also for public, such as adult learners and teachers. The project and its outputs were disseminated and the participants could try to create and print their own key chain using 3D printer, with the help of lecturers from PRUSA RESEARCH.
Both events were very successfull and the project comes to its final phase. Do not miss all information about the project on its website and Facebook page!