Smart and Cooperative Skills – Project Result 3 progress

Regarding the progress made within Smart and Skills PR3, project partners have agreed on the structure of the result and they are proceeding with the division of tasks. Smart and Skills PR3 consists of a manual for the production of “digital tools on life skills for cooperative learning”. By publishing in this manual how to carry out the activities step by step, it aims to spread the experience to countries and schools that haven’t taken part in the project.

Smart and Cooperative Skills – Project Result 2 progress

Smart and Skills PR2 “Training course kit for teacher”, which plans for the elaboration of a curriculum is being evaluated by teachers. The teachers involved will be subjected to a submission of a questionnaire created specifically for obtaining quality feedback on the course, in which points of strength and criticality will be highlighted, after the classroom experimentation. The latter is based on life skills with a methodology focused on microteaching and interdisciplinary small units.

Smart and Cooperative Skills – Project Result 1 progress

Smart and Skills PR1 is about to be piloted in school, in Prague. Experimentation in the classroom is a fundamental and necessary step to verify the degree of usability of the didactic materials and any progress made by students, in particular by the SEN ones (student with special necessities).

As a reminder, Smart and Skills PR1: “Digital Didactic Pills” has for purpose of providing teachers with engaging digital materials targeted especially for students with special needs, and to be used for cooperative learning.

Finalization of PR3 VET3D

VET 3D Project Result 3 or “Skills intelligence database” consists of a database, designed as a platform with multiple educational resources useful for the development of transversal skills through the integration of the 3 learning dimensions: formal, non-formal and work-based learning. The purpose of this database is to support, thanks also to other training experiences (for instance, school-work alternation, internships), the strengthening of transversal skills useful for employability, within a customized professional training path.

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2nd Newsletter VET3D

VET3D meeting in Riga, Latvia

On the 10th of October representatives of all project partners coming from Czech Republic, Greece, Italy and Latvia and also other experts were welcomed in Riga, Latvia.

The meeting aimed at discussing the results achieved (Project Result 1, 2 and 3) but more importantly, to address the upcoming efforts of collaboration, which consists in the creation of a mobile app (Project Result 4). This meeting was also the occasion to schedule the next and last meeting in Prague in April 2024.

TPM, Riga, 10th of October 2023: Project partners from the Czech Republic, Greece, Latvia and Italy

Smart and Cooperative Skills Project Result 1

As part of the Smart and Skills project, the objective of the this first phase is to provide teachers with engaging digital materials targeted specially for SEN students (students with special necessities) created by the partners. 

This teaching being developed by the partners materials will tackle the issues of everyday life by putting it in the context of cooperative learning. Smart and Skills partners want to help create teaching methods that are effective and adapt to today’s technology as a form of education, with the ultimate goal of implementing the developed materials.  

Let’s shape the future of education together! 

2nd Newsletter from E+ Behave Your Prints project

Behave Your Prints – Training in Albania 13.03.2023-19.03.2023

Have you ever heard of digital footprints before? In simple words, every time you visit a website, make a search, post on social media, or send an email, you leave behind a piece of information that can be collected and tracked. This information can be used to understand your online habits and activities. Digital footprints are the record of your activities on the internet. 

In March 13.03.2023 – 19.03.2023, Behave Your Prints project invited young people to attend a training in Tirana, Albania. This 5-day training included activities aimed at making participants better understand digital footprints and see what could be the consequences for their entry into professional life. 

In total, 24 young people coming from 6 different countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia) attended this training.

VET3D meeting in Athens, Greece.

On March 28-29 2023, the third project meeting of VET3D project was held by EILD partner, in Athens, Greece. The meeting gathered partners from the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy and Latvia.

This meeting offers the opportunity to discuss further VET3D platform (Project Result 3), which will be available on a web interface mainly (but not only) for students and teachers of secondary vocational schools.

The project partners discussed the structure, structure of the portal, design, and above all the relevant content with the aim of creating a portal that will be of real help to these target groups in developing soft skills with a view to entering the labour market after graduation.

TPM, Athens, 28 – 29 March 2023: Project partners from the Czech Republic, Greece, Latvia and Italy