BEHAVE YOUR PRINTS Multiplier event in Prague

The multiplier event of the Behave your prints project was organised by the European Development Agency on Monday, 22nd January 2024 in Prague. The audience was composed of teachers, people working in municipalities and some representatives of private organisations interested in the topic of digital footprints.

Lukas Barda, an expert specialising in IT literacy and conducting courses for schools on this subject, first gave a lecture on digital pitfalls for teachers, providing practical examples and insights into the children’s digital world. Following this, the outcomes of the Behave Your Prints project were presented in connection with the topics discussed by the expert to emphasise practical applications for responsible technology use. This included the introduction of all accomplished outcomes, such as tools and educational materials, designed to raise awareness about our digital footprint. 

The aim was to equip participants with the knowledge and insights into tools that promote a secure and responsible digital presence.

As the project approaches its conclusion, all the outputs created by the consortium of partners are now available on the website: