Programming is an amazing tool that affects our daily lives in many ways. Computers have become a part of not only almost everyone’s work life, but also almost every other aspect of life such as entertainment, health, finance, shopping, travel, etc. Without even thinking about it, computers are hidden in our phones, watches, cars, home appliances, entertainment systems and our work tools.

There is a growing demand worldwide for skilled workers who can program computers. The gap between demand and supply is widening every year. Many young people would like to learn how to code, but are struggling with a lack of teachers to support and guide their learning. Thus, a large number of young people teach themselves a programming language. However, students in training are missing out on this opportunity due to the lack of teachers. 

With this series of instructional videos, we want to offer teachers to acquire programming skills in the easiest way possible. At the same time, we want to draw attention to the fact that programming is not part of the compulsory curriculum in many EU countries. Teachers will be able to learn the basics of programming in small learning blocks of 5-10 minutes each, with the aim of gaining solid skills in the Python programming language. Teachers can also apply the exercises that form an integral part of the video courses to teaching across subjects.

The videos allow you to learn basic solid skills on your own, but they are also designed to teach programming to your students. The video series will even help you to write code yourself and feel confident enough to teach your students to write code and explain its practical usefulness. We’d also like to help you incorporate small coding tasks into regular lessons in various school subjects. 

We hope you enjoy our video series. In any case, we would be very grateful for feedback to help us improve the tutorial videos as needed.

Thank you for your efforts to offer more opportunities to the next generation, we truly appreciate educators like you who contribute to a better and more enjoyable education.

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