Centre of Promoting Entrepreneurship Prague

centrum podpory podnikání

Centre of Promoting Entrepreneurship Prague (Centrum podpory podnikání Praha) is a Czech non-profit organisation that, among other things, helps with further education of employees and promotes measures to create new job opportunities, especially for people disadvantaged in terms of health or social situation. CPPP helps for instance ex-prisoners or mothers and disadvantaged women to reintegrate into labour market but also deals with other groups.

The organization was founded in 2009 with the main aim to support growth of education and to broaden offer of education for entrepreneurs and their employees. Main purpose of the organization is the cultivation of Czech business environment by providing professional and further education and supporting special employee instruments and thus creating new jobs particularly for health disabled or socially disadvantaged persons.

The activities run by CPEP are especially educational and motivation programmes in following areas:

  • basic computer skills
  • entrepreneurship basics
  • use of ICT in business
  • reconciliation of private and professional life
  • finance and accounting

CPEP has extensive experience in project management, because it is a non-profit organization which is financing most of its activities with the use of EU funding. Until now CPEP has implemented among others the following projects: Business as a way to an effective reintegration of mothers who are coming back into the labor market after maternity leave, Entrepreneurship of women as an effective way to support equal opportunities in the labor market and A new vision of co-working as a way to enhance the job opportunities for women.

CPEP also run several projects dealing with reintegration programmes for persons leaving prisons. One of them is still running under the name A comprehensive reintegration program for persons who are leaving the prison environment in Věznice Heřmanice

CPEP is also involved in the project POINTEX, s.r.o. – a social enterprise. The aim of the project is to start a social enterprise which will offer a job in constructions and local services to 6 ex-prisoners. Founders of the enterprise are CPEP and JP Tech.

CPEP also supports the idea of co-working. They run a co-working incubator for women in Kladno near Prague.

CPEP actively collaborates with the Prague Chamber of Commerce and with the Czech Network of Maternal Centers.