Hranice Development Agency


The Hranice Development Agency is an interest group which aim is to be executive and provide service grounds for the implementation of development strategies in the Hranice region. Our main fields of interests are the tourism growth; cooperation among the towns, entrepreneurs, association in the region; educating, informing and advising during the preparation and implementation of projects and using the funds; following the realization of project activities like workshops, seminars, meetings, study visits etc.

We provide complete preparation of touristic programmes which foster the local services and prolong the stay of visitors in the region. Another service we provide is the elaboration of development strategic plan for municipalities or small regions.

Finally, one of our missions is to provide support in the development of business activities, especially by offering free real estate and securing funding for business development.

Hranice Development Agency is one of the six contributors to the Grant Programme Fund of the Hranicko Region. From this fund sport and cultural activities are financed and supported for the last six years. As a result 13 sport and cultural activities were financed with the overall attendance reaching more than 10.000 inhabitants in average every year. Some of these activities are supervised by the HRA.

The Hranice Development Agency supported over 60 projects funded from the Structural Funds since 2005. Through the project “Home composting” we solved the processing and separation of the biodegradable waste produced by the households and villages.

We participate on the organization of the local organic fairs with the municipality of Hranice where the local farmers and butchers sell their home-made products, bio fruits, vegetables and other agricultural raw materials.

In 2011 and 2012 we were the realizator of the project MORAVSKÁ BRÁNA regionální produkt® (“Moravian gate – the regional product®”). The objective of the proejct was to implement the certification of local products. During the 2012 and 2013 there was certificated 19 producers and 16 products in the Hranice region.

HRA has helped to realise bicycle paths in Hranice region by developing project proposals. We also realised a project named With nature and traditions together. This 17 month project was focused on local traditions, nature and environmental education involving workshops, outdoor activities (orientation run), ecology days etc.

We also coordinate activities in the field of PR, marketing and promotion of bicycle paths, hence we organise lots of activities somehow related to cycling and pedestrian tourism. We are also involved in a project called Holiday in the Country which purpose is to promote outdoor activities in the country and help families to get out of cities and enjoy beautiful Czech countryside. This project is supported by such partners as Association of Rural Tourism, Young Agrarians, Hippotourism, Association of Folk Craftsmen and the Beekeepers.

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