Local Action Group Podlipansko

mas podlipanskoThe Local Action Group Podlipansko (LAG Podlipansko) was founded in 2005 with the aim to support environmental, economic and social development of the Pečecký region within its microregions and another twin towns and sister cities. The LAG represents the local stakeholders from public, non-governmental and business sectors and also the residents in the regions. The LAG is based on the principle of equality of votes of each member. Through mapping of the region and analysis of needs of the stakeholders the LAG creates the community-led local development strategy. The LAG also helps the local subjects with the preparation of projects financed by the EU programmes.

The LAG supports the local stakeholders through the following actions:

  • cooperation with local governments, business and non-profit entities, networking;
  • implementation of the Strategy of the Community-led Local Development);
  • provision mentoring, assistance and advisory services;
  • providing relevant information,
  • creating regional analyses;
  • organization of awareness raising campaigns in line with the objectives of the organisation;
  • participation in negotiations with regional authorities;
  • educational activities.

The objectives of the LAG:

  • high quality of living in the region;
  • community-led development of the region;
  • raised awareness about the national and European funding opportunities among the stakeholders;
  • the competitiveness of the local products and services;
  • preservation of the natural and cultural resources of the region;
  • support of the rural tourism.

As the Pečecký region is a rural region, the members of the LAG are mostly small municipalities with about 500 citizens. The biggest town in the LAG is Nymburk, which was founded in 1275 and is famous for its historical centre and brewery.

The most important topics for the LAG Podlipansko are:

  • energy efficiency and energetic self-sufficiency;
  • waste management;
  • high quality of living and education;
  • sustainable development of rural areas;
  • transfer of know-how in these areas.

The heart of the LAG is the municipality Pečky, which has since 2005 stand in the centre of the activities of the LAG. Pečky is the city located in the Kolín region with about 4 500 inhabitants.

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