Municipal District of Prague 4


The main objective of the Municipality of Prague 4 is to provide its 127.000 citizens with reliable, effective and modern public services. The Municipality also initiates and supervises public investments proposed to improve living conditions and quality of life in general in the administrative district of Prague 4. The main activities of the Municipality of Prague 4 include among others:

  1. Implementation of the local social policy according to national law (family, social protection, public health and social services law), design and reform of social policies with regard to evolving local conditions, inspections, maintenance and operation of various social and health care providers (Nursery schools, houses for people in need, emergency telephone lines etc).
  2. Implementation of the education policy according to national law, maintenance of school buildingsĀ (mainly elementary schools).
  3. Financial and operational support of free-time activities, construction of playgrounds etc.

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