3D printing workshop for teachers at Fun@Science project

From 15th to 19th of October 2018 a 5day long workshop took place as part of the Fun@Science project. Its aim was to introduce the technology of 3D printing to European teachers and to encourage them to successfully implement it as an element of day to day teaching. The training was organized by our partners from the TUCEP organization located in a gorgeous Italian city of Perugia. As part of the event the participants were introduced the history and evolution of 3D printing methods and above all experienced the practical part of 3D printing by taking advantage of 4 printers provided by our partners. Not only did they print but at the same time all of them were given the possibility to work with the necessary software and create their own printable shapes. At the end of the meeting group educational projects were prepared by the teachers. The quality of their ideas proved the workshop worthwhile.