AGORA: State of Play Workshop

On 24. 6. 2021 an interactive State of Play Workshop was organized in Prague 9 in cooperation with EuDA. The aim of the workshop was to create a common realistic vision of the needs, problems and opportunities for recovering and reusing public space in a creative way.

Within the workshop AGORA project was introduced, its aims, goals and ambitions, results of WP T1 (e.g. Operational analysis) and other work done so far in other Work Packages were presented and discussed. Stakeholder involvement was evaluated by the project internal team rather positively, most of the stakeholders and organisations representatives  are open to further meetings.

Results of WP T1 generally accepted very well and very positively evaluated as some of the stakeholder have wider and broader experience of spatial planning and brownfield redevelopment, some fewer. Overall, the discussion was fruitful and enriching for all present participants. Selected pilots were well accepted amongst the group.