EuDA leads the Erasmus+ project “VET3D”

The project entitled “3D LEARNING DIMENSIONS IN VOCATIONAL EDUCATION” represents a new opportunity for VET students to increase their competences and better respond to the demands of the current labour market.
Experts will develop new learning models combining formal, non-formal and work-based learning elements based on the identified and analysed needs of students, their teachers and employers from different sectors.
The aim of the project is to create a database that will be designed as a platform with several training courses integrating the above 3 learning dimensions/elements.
Students will thus be able to develop their competences anytime and anywhere in the 3 key areas: digitalisation, culture and entrepreneurship.
Project implementation: 2.11.2021 – 2.5.2024
Number of partners: 8 (total of 4 European countries: Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Latvia)