European Green Deal – together for greening our economy

Climate change is an existential threat the whole planet is currently facing and requires a large-scale, firm approach. With the right plan and resources, the challenges brought by this climate crisis can be turned into opportunities. That is what the European Green Deal is striving to achieve.


This new set of policy initiatives has been introduced by the European Commission in order to address European Union’s ambitious, yet attainable plan: making Europe a climate-neutral continent by 2050, reducing the greenhouse gases emissions to 0. So, the European Commission created a blueprint for accelerating this transition: European Green Deal.

Thus, the Green Deal Call creates the most complex and financially extensive Horizon 2020 programme so far, with 1€ billion available for research and innovation projects that respond to the climate crisis and help protect Europe’s ecosystems and biodiversity. The Green Deal Call aims for clear, discernible results in the short to medium-term, but with a perspective of long-term change.


The deadline for submitting project applications within the Green Deal Call is January 26, 2021. Selected projects are expected to start in autumn 2021.


With its experience in diverse European programmes and network of contacts, European Development Agency can assist your entity in building the partnerships required for Green Deal Call enrolment. By deploying its know-how, mobilising its reliable partners, and constantly supporting the partnership-formation process, European Development Agency desires to be a game changer in collectively tackling climate change.