Municipal District of Prague 5


The main objective of the Municipality of Prague 5 is to provide its citizens with reliable, effective and modern public services. The Municipality also initiates and supervises public investments proposed to improve living conditions and quality of life in general in the administrative district of Prague 5.

Prague 5 focuses on providing and improving education at all levels – kindergartens, elementary schools, and high schools. It provides the financial and operational support of free-time activities and construction of playgrounds. It also takes good care of the elderly through the Center of Social Help and Care. This institution focuses on those who due to their age, health conditions or chronic disease find themselves in a situation, in which they are dependent on the help of others. Its main focus is on individual approach to its clients, respecting their rights and providing services related to healthy and active lifestyle and lifelong learning.

The Municipality of Prague 5 takes care of its environment and tries to keep it clean through bio waste containers that are available for its citizens every week. It makes as well a great effort in improving the situation in traffic, especially public transport, which is vital in the everyday life of the city. That is also linked with the effort to lower the pollution and to promote vegetation as much as possible.

This municipality has a lot of experience in the area of environment policy and active citizenship with projects co-funded from EU.

  • Revitalization of Barrandov Parks and pedestrian area involves extensive repair of current pedestrian area, reconstructing and creating of resting and relaxation places, and construction of two small playgrounds and unique “water screen”. This project was open for a public discussion and many citizens, mainly from Prague 5, expressed their ideas as well as doubts towards this project. Regarding to their comments a wheelchair accessible entrance door was built in one of the houses. This project started in 2014 and it has been going on since then.
  • Revitalization of settlement Buďánka is an intended project that is set to transform a decaying area into cultural, social and educational centre. Buďánka is a former working settlement that was left in ruins after the undone construction of block of flats in the 1980s. It was declared a protected area in 1991. This settlement does not tend to be fully restored to its original state. Only those buildings that can be technically reconstructed will be restored, the rest will be replaced by new buildings with intention to keep the original ground plan. The reconstruction will be implemented in cooperation with national institutes for historic preservation. International partners were also invited to participate in this project. The cooperation with Switzerland – Czech Round Table enabled to hold a discussion with thirty experts and their Swiss counterparts that brought valuable experience and new ideas. This project started in 2014.
  • Project Local Active Aging and Creativity of Elderly People was a meeting with participation of twin cities (Ada, Marosvásárhely, Nádszeg, Praha 5, Trogir and Ustron). It consisted in cultural performances by invited elderly people’s amateur artistic groups for communities of elderly people living in Újbuda and presentations by the invited delegations about how the local municipalities they represent are contributing in strong cooperation with local communities to improving the living conditions of the local “60+” citizens. This project was held in March 2014.

This district also actively fights against crime and drug use in its area, in particular with prevention and it provides useful advice for parents in many advisory centers

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