Participants of CREAT.Y.V. project visited Italy

At the end of September, 4 participants of our workshops went to northern Italy, where they met other workshop participants from Romania. During an all week long mobility, they had an opportunity to gain new interesting information about volunteering and volunteering activities in Italy, about the history of the region around the city of Carpi while visiting a former concentration camp, and about environmental care during a lecture in local protected landscape area. The whole programme was accompanied by a lot of interactive games and activities, during which the participants got to know each other more and found out their strengths and abilities regarding volunteering at the same time. There were also many intergenerational volunteering activities, for example, a musical lecture with elderly people suffering from Parkinson‘s disease. The whole programme was very interesting and successful and we can now look forward to other Romanian participants to visit us in Prague!

You can find more information about the whole project here:

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