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The main mission of Právě teď! o.p.s. the change of perception of seniors and the idea of getting old. Právě teď! enforces this group and offers daily activities for them. Days of sport, senior camps, memory trainings, financial literacy trainings, Nordic walking, theatre (as an instrument how to teach senior about financial frauds) – these activities help seniors share free time and be in contact with other people. The organisation cooperates with many subjects and participates in many projects directed at seniors.

The organisation´s aim is to develop senior´s daily life, knowledge about financial and frauds, IT skills and physical health. The organization enforces people in their activities and help them to stay active and to have a social contact. The seniors shares interest with others and also through intergenerational solidarity.

One of the biggest events is the annual ZÁŘÍme where people of all ages can sing, cook, do some exercise and take part in different competitions. You can watch the video from ZÁŘÍme 2014 here:

Právě teď is looking for international projects focused on:

  • eduacation of the elderly,
  • sportive activities for elderly,
  • memory training and mental health activities for elderly,
  • intergenerational dialogue,
  • and others.

We are looking forward to cooperating with similar organisations from all over Europe!

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[…] For the GYMSEN project, EUDA can count on the collaboration of Právě teď o.p.s., an NGO based in Prague with the mission to change the public perception about seniors and to change the seniors’ perception of themselves. The organisation has been established in 2013. At the moment, Právě teď is looking for projects to join. For more information about this organisation, you can click here. […]

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