How does it work?

Members of the EUDA Partnership Network are different institutions including public institutions, local administrations, municipalities, NGOs, schools, universities, SMEs and others. All these organisations are interested in international cooperation and in most of the cases they have experience with projects funded by the EU. European Development Agency helps these organisations with administrative issues and project management.

What shall I do?

  1. If you have a project idea in mind and you want to include a Czech partner to the project, contact the Manager of the EUDA Partnership Network Martin Rejmíš (
  2. You are in contact with a professional project manager who is familiar with the programme context and the terms and conditions of the call.
  3. You provide us with your project idea and tell us about the desired partner profile.
  4. We suggest you one or more project partners and you can decide whether to involve them to your project or not.
  5. If a suitable partner is not in our network, we will search outside of the network on the national scope.
  6. European Development Agency will be responsible for negotiating the activities and budget for the Czech organisation and we will provide you with all necessary documents.
  7. European Development Agency can also review your project application and help you with some issues of the project.
  8. Our services for foreign partners are free of charge.

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