Gastronomy Museum Prague

muzeum gastronomie

The Gastronomy Museum Prague is one of the few museums in its category across Europe. It was founded in 2009 and since then it has been focusing on food issues by opening a permanent Food Museum exhibition. Museum is serving not only food from all over the world, but cooperating closely with gastronomy schools from entire country and also from many other countries (Italy, Belgium, Germany, France, Russia, etc.)

The aim of the Gastronomy Museum Prague is both to educate visitors by providing accessible experience related to healthy and tasty food and ability to appreciate quality of food and drink; and to elevate the act of eating to the level of a cultural experience. Creating healthy eating habits for the young generation is one of the main aims of this project. That’s why we want to address children, too, at our exhibition.

The Gastronomy Museum prepared special educational programs for primary and specialised schools; they can find here an engaging supplement to school lessons. There are also educational programs for groups and schools oriented towards the experiential education and schooling in the area of healthy nutrition In Czech and English). Students will learn about the history of cooking methods and food conserving, the development of kitchens and stoves from prehistory to the present, the historical development of typical dishes of North European origins.

Besides the exhibitions, there are also tasting and degustation events.

Moreover, some of the activities of GMP include:

  • Connecting local corporates producing “quality food” – GMP is already cooperating closely with the Association of Czech cook and pattisieurs Association (AKC ČR), the Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs CR (AHR ČR) and best breweries and distilleries (Bernard, R. Jelinek), bakeries etc.
  • GMP is providing the possibility for local gastronomy students to perform live presentations of some traditional or interesting foods for museum visitors, who are 50% foreigners and 50% locals, serving them sample tastings and informing them about ingredients used and nutritional values as well.

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