Happy International Volunteer Day

The 5th of December is a very special day for Czech childern and their parents. Every Czech household is visited by St. Nicholas with his companions, angel and devil, who reward the well-behaved kids and punish the mis-behaved ones.

However, there is something more about this day apart from the Czech custom. The 5th of December is the world’s International Volunteer Day and we would like to thank to all these people who devote their leisure time to volunteer duties. These people work for free to serve our society and to make the world a better place to live. Their volunteering activites may vary greatly, yet there is one common thing for them all – they ask nothing in exchange for their work and time.

EUDA participates in an Erasmus + project on volunteering and we know what it takes to be a volunteer. Therefore, we would like to thank you all and wish you a happy Volunteer Day!

5 dec 2017 CreaTYV

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