ToT in Dublin

At the beginning of February EUDA team composed of 3 mentors attended event “Train of Trainers” in Dublin. Cold but sunny weather in their free time didn´t stop them from sightseeing Dublin beauty such as Half Penny Bridge or legendary Temple Bar. Training lasted throughout the whole week and attenders from partner countries learned how to host and lead workshops. New experiences gained this week will be put in practice during pilot workshop in the Czech Republic.
There will be 4 workshops – motivational, inspirational, intergenerational and evaluating. Motivational workshop will be open for people in the age of 18-25, who face all sorts of life issues. Inspirational workshop will be only for volunteers among elderly citizens, who are enthusiastic and courageous enough to support youth in becoming independent. At the same time, elderly will encourage youngsters into volunteering and explain them that even a small step can change their lives. Afterwards intergenerational workshop will take place and both groups will meet each other and work on given tasks by EUDA mentors. The last but not the least evaluating workshop will happen. Participants interested in volunteering will be introduced to organizations working with volunteers and time for their feedback will be also included.