Partner Search: Cross border cooperation Czech Republic – Austria/Germany

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Hnutí Duha, a member of the EUDA Partnership Network, is looking for Austrian or German (Bavarian) partners for a project which will be submitted in the Interreg V-A Programme – Cross Border Cooperation between Austria and Czech Republic (

Hnutí DUHA (Friends of Eearth Czech Republic) deals with the issue of protection and monitoring of Lynx cats in the border region in the Czech Republic. They organise Lynx patrols and provide public awareness campaigns about lynx. Czech-Bavarian-Austrian lynx population is cross-border and thus its protection and monitoring requires international cooperation.

That is why we are looking for partners to prepare a project on this topic under the Interreg VA Programme – priority Raising awareness and educational activities in the field of nature and landscape protection and its use (more information in German here). Below you can see the description of activities which we would like to implement together with an Austrian or German partner, which are meaningful from our point of view and which also fit into the conception supported in frame of the Interreg Programme. It is certainly possible to modify or complete the activities after a joint discussion.

If interested for cooperation, please contact Mrs. Stepana Tezka, Manager of the EuDA partnership network at

INTERREG CZ-AU 201: Draft of the project

Deadline for submission of the application : March 22, 2016
Duration of the project: 3 years
Priority: To raise awareness and to provide educational activities in the field of nature and landscape protection and it’s use.

Description of Activities

Activity A:
Public participation in protecting of Czech-Bavarian-Austrian lynx population: training courses for new volunteers (in the Czech Republic and Austria), joint Czech-Austrian training courses and joint monitoring activities in the Novohradské hory mountains and border area
1. Phase: preparing a handbook for tracking in Czech and German, reprint publications ‘I lynx‘ in Czech and German
2. Phase: training courses for volunteers from the Czech Republic and Austria → lecturers, experts from both countries
3. Joint monitoring in the border area in the Novohradské hory Mountains, Lynx patrols in the Czech Republic (also in Austria)
4. Analysis of collected data

Activity B:
Developing of mobile application for lynx tracking, identification of lynx tracks, locating and sending of findings (lynx tracks and others)

Activity C:

  1. Methodical preparation of an educational program about lynx and lynx protection for high schools, elementary schools and excursions for universities and public (external collaborator)
  2. Testing Methodology
  3. Realisation (teaching) of educational program at elementary and secondary schools
  4. Realisation of ‘lynx’ excursions

Activity D:
Media work: press release about results of monitoring, articles on

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