Second GYMSEN Transnational Meeting takes place in Capri, Italy

The second transnational meeting of GYMSEN partners took place in Capri, Italy on 26th of November, 2015.
The project is well under way with many activities ongoing and completed. During the meeting the partners discussed the questionnaires and interviews collected from the older people and their carers and agreed on the dates for the creation of the training for the older people and for the mentoring events.
During the first months of 2016 the trianing programme for the improvement of sensory capacities will be created by the Spanish and Swedish partners. Notably the mentoring programme is set to wrap up in March 2016 when the Italian, Greek and Czech partners will learn about how to “train” in a right way. Finally the 3rd transnational meeting is set to take place in Sweden in February 2016 where the developed material will be presented for the last time before its completion.
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