ELMI Partners meet in Prague

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Enhancing Labour Market Integration of Elderly Family Carers through skills improving ELMI partners met on 1st and 2nd of October in Prague, Czech Republic for the 4th transnational meeting. This meeting brought together seven partners from five EU countries; Austria, Romania, Italy, Czech Republic and Poland. The project is now moving into the dissemination phase which will host a number of activities, including a workshop for carers, carer associations and social service providers.
ELMI pilot tests in Romania, Czech Republic and Poland were completed and the feedback from the courses was generally very positive in regard to choice of topics, ease of access to learning platform, easy navigation and understandable modules. There was also some lessons learned from the pilot scheme; it was perfect for beginners in informative value but with budget constraints it lacked interactivity. It was also noted that the modules would be too simple to involve professionals in further learning, it could only target beginners.
Up for discussion next was the final event for the project; ‘Opportunities of transition of the Informal Carer to the Professional’. The event will highlight the importance of increasing the number of professional carers using e-learning, attracting younger carers and by making courses accessible to people living in more remote areas. Speakers on the day will include carers from Poland to talk about their involvement.
There is still plenty to look forward to in the final phase of this project!
The partners in attendance of the event were:

  • E.N.T.E.R.
  • Asociatia Habilitas CRFP
  • Societatea Romana Alzheimer
  • Caritas
  • ANS
  • European Development Agency
  • University of Lodz

Learn more about the project here:http://euda.eu/elmi-elmi-enhancing-labour-market-integration-of-elderly-family-carers-through-skills-improving/
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