Secondary school of Civil Engineering Valasske Mezirici

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The Secondary school of Civil Engineering Valasske Mezirici was founded in 1874 – it is one of the oldest secondary schools in the region of North Moravia. First it was focused on education in the area of woodworking, later it established new fields of study: Civil engineering in 1951 and Technical equipment of building in 1954. Since the year 2009 there is also available Civil engineering and architecture. Nowadays it is a large school with 720 students and 91 teachers. The goal of the school is to develop building construction professionals who will be able to work as foremen, design consultants or construction site managers. A large number of graduates also continue studying at Universities or Colleges.

In 2005 the school merged with Secondary Vocational school of Civil Engineering into a single unit. Vocational school offers education to future joiners, carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, tinsmiths and house painters. It specializes in practical learning in preference to theoretical parts of study. Graduates are therefore well-prepared for the manual area of work. After completing they receive a special certificate and if they are interested in further studies, they have the opportunity to study for another two years and take their Maturita examination as well.

The school actively cooperates with professional companies in the region. They enable our students to take part in excursions, lectures and basic training in their field. Our institution is located in the Zlin region of Northern Moravia. This is an industrial region, which is going through an economical crisis. The increasing number of unemployed people has a big influence on the students’ social and economic backgrounds.

There are several Roma pupils in vocational training in the school which have to be considered as minority. The topic of this minority and also of other minorities present in the school (Vietnamese and others) is of high importance in the Czech Republic and also in the school.

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