Secondary Technical School Otrokovice

spš otrokovice

Secondary Technical School Otrokovice is one of the biggest public schools in the Zlín Region. It provides with the wide scale of education programmes – Chemistry (Applied chemistry, Gum industry, Technical and natural science), Mechanical Engineering (Car mechanic, Car tinsmith, Locksmith), Building Industry (Plumber, Painter, Carpenter, Cabinetmaker, Bricklayer), Electro (Mechanist-Electrician, Car Electrician), and Services (Cook and Waiter for catering, hotel management and tourism). The school collaborates with significant employers in Zlín region (e.g. Continental Barum), with professional associations, even with primary schools.

The great advantages are the great school facilities and education background which ensures best quality study and job preparation. The school owns three halls for training, two student’s houses, kitchen with well-equipped dining room, renovated gym, new garage and detached workplace in Kvítkovice and in collaborating firms. Currently the science and technology park Experimentárium is under construction.

The school has regional focus and wide range of experience with European projects. In the last few years the school successfully implemented regional projects aimed at improving the competences of pedagogic staff, the secondary school’s leaders, enhancing the lifelong learning, improving the teacher’s language knowledge and student’s education in technical fields and crafts.

The examples of projects:

  • Enersol – project focused on ecology, saving the energy and renewable recourses
  • Microsoft Partners in Learning – School staff education in ICT, using the Microsoft technologies and tools in teaching
  • IT Academy – creating over 900 new digital educational materials for teaching
  • Extend your expertise – adult education – teachers and firms employees are educated in soft skills, ICT, hydraulics and pneumatics

SPŠ Otrokovice runs the group of education portals The goal is to create a space for sharing experience and ideas among people who want to be actively involved in education process and increase the literacy in the region across the generations. This portal was launched in 2004 in collaboration with Zlín Region. On the portal there are available official documents of regional authorities, lists of schools and school facilities in the region, the calendar of events and competitions, articles, interweaves, study materials and professional articles in the field of education and prevention. There is also space for job recruitment for teachers and school staff.

The group of portals include five self-contained webpages which are connected to each other

SPŠ Otrokovice created methodical materials within the project Innovation and Quality Improvement of Teaching (CZ.1.07/3.2.03./01.0024). The teachers has been developing the digital templates and uploading them on web portal in order the template could be used by any teacher from any school in the Czech Republic.

Another significant project is Modernization of teaching “Electric measurement” subject. The main goal we want to achieve is the modernization and digitization of electrical measurements using modern digital systems during the laboratory work in these subjects: Electronics, Electrical measurement and Automation. The outcome is the study materials containing theoretical and practical instructions and description of tools.


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