TICTAC – Time for International CooperaTion: Active Cities

The European Union and its Cohesion Policies of 2014 – 2020 provide many opportunities not only for the citizens of the European Union and the enterprises, but also for the regional administrations, public institutions and municipalities in the EU. These opportunities can boost the development of the region not only with additional subsidies, but also with new approaches, lessons learned, solutions and methodologies created during the projects.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness about the European programmes and tools among people working in the municipalities and regional administrations (clerks, professionals and elected representatives) and in other public institutions (such as the personnel from schools, universities, agencies chambers, social centres, orphanages ). The objective of TICTAC is also to raise interest of adults in the solution of problems related to local community and to let them influence public institutions’ performance in this area. These European Programmes, tools and financial instruments (when used effectively) can contribute to more effective and integrated development of European towns and regions for example in the following areas of the Europe2020 strategy: smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

This project focuses on all kinds of financial instruments available for municipalities, regional administrations and other public institutions apart from the national operational programmes financed by the ESIF (ESF, ERDF, CF, EAFRD and EMFF). The project only focuses on transnational funding schemes (the ones financing exchange of know-how and international cooperation among cities).

Since each partner of this project has his own experience with different programmes, the transnational added value will consist of more detailed information of the programmes based on the exchange of experience among partners, evaluation and relevancy of the programmes for the target groups. This decision has been made by the partners in order to maximize the added European value of the transnational partnership.

The target group of the project will be adults working in municipalities, regional administrations and public institutions who are losing opportunities of participating in European initiatives, namely:

  • Councilors and members of the city assembly,
  • Clerks and employees working in departments dealing with regional development,
  • Investments, strategies, education, social affairs and others
  • Project managers,
  • People responsible for European funding and international cooperation (including twin cities),
  • People responsible for European funding and international cooperation within public schools,
  • Universities, agencies, chambers, social centres and orphanages.

The project will not only positively influence the adults working in municipalities, regional administrations and public institutions, but through the future use of European instrument also the development of the municipalities as such and the quality of life of its citizens on most important areas of interest, such as education, social and economic sectors.

Project webpage: https://tictac-project.eu/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tictac-Time-for-International-Cooperation-Active-Cities-107465940738263/?modal=admin_todo_tour


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