Young Social Democrats

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The Young Social Democrats (YSD) is a non-profit organisation which strongly cooperates with the Czech Social Democratic Party (CSD). The YSD unites young people aged between 15 and 35 years with similar political orientation.

In line with CSD, the main focus of YSD is to raise the awareness about social consequences of the economic crisis and its mitigation. The key aim is to offer alternative side to actual crisis, to communicate with people the vision of prosperous society based on European traditional values, solidarity, individual freedom and dynamic democratic participation of all citizens (especially young ones) on the government.

YSD organises public events, for ex. debates and seminars on different topics. The recently followed topics were for ex. healthcare, primary education, public transport, immigration and integration, nuclear disarmament etc. They publish the magazine Ventil. Other interesting activity is the mentoring project of 16 YSD members by the political leaders of CSD. The leaders (mentors) provide them with their experiences and support for their development. In March of 2015 the representatives of YSD will participate on the election campaign of UK Labour Party.

The YSD initiative participates in organization of different domestic and foreign projects aimed to promote their ideas and key programme. The members of organization carry on communication with regions and local communities to supports active citizenship of young people and solving problems of youth and the whole society. They are connecting young people with elected policy-makers and enable them to express their opinions and influence the policies on regional and national level. The youth democratic organization is also member of The young European Socialist and cooperates on international projects and activities.

The organization wants to ensure the policy reforms lead to stabilisation of the state finances without lowering the citizens’ standard of living. The main programme is based on key topics such as social politics for secure minimal income, family programme, full employment of young people, equal access and equal opportunity, education and sport, the high quality of public medical and social are,  the high quality of public transport and infrastructure, a new asylum policy, ecological sustainability and public-sector digitization etc.

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