Our team

Martin Synkule

Martin is the Director and Legal Represenative of EUDA. As well as every other member of EUDA team, he is in charge of managing several projects. Except of it, his area of expertise is grant counseling, project application writting and educational activities.

If you are interested in these services, or if you want to establish cooperation with EUDA in another area, contact Martin at the following contacts:

E-mail: martin.synkule @ eracr.cz
Telephone: +420 774 455 217

Martin Rejmíš

Martin is the Manager of EUDA Partner Network, responsible for mediating international projects for its members. He is also responsible for International Cooperation Portal. He manages several projects, both projects of EUDA’s and its clients’.

If you would like to become a member of the EUDA Partner Network or you are interested in having a skill-full project partner from the Czech Republic in your project consortium, contact Martin at the following contacts:

E-mail: martin.rejmis @ eracr.cz
GSM: +420 774 455 534

Nora Nesvadbová

Nora is the Mobility Coordinator and is in charge of all mobilities of students and employees organized by EUDA. Nora manages foreign internships for Czech university students who wish to gain experience abroad. Further, she is responsible for mobility of incoming foreign students and teachers who want to learn about Czech practice.

If you want to learn more about internship opportunities or you are looking for an intern for your company, contact Nora at:

E-mail: nora.nesvadbova @ eracr.cz
GSM: +420 779 970 906

Kateřina Janatová

Katka is the Office and Project Manager of EUDA. She is responsible for day-to-day running of the office including hiring new colleagues and interns. Katka also leads several international projects and participates in administration and coordination of Erasmus + projects.

If you want to learn more about career opportunities within EUDA contact Katka at:

E-mail: katerina.janatova @ eracr.cz
GSM: +420 774 455 536

Zuzana Andělová

Zuzka is the Project Manager in EUDA. She is mainly responsible for writing EU projects for our Czech clients. Also she manages and cooperates other projects within the Erasmus+ programme.

E-mail: zuzana.andelova @ eracr.cz
GSM: +420 779 970 226

Marek Třeštík

Marek is the Project Manager in EUDA and his responsibilities include coordinating and writing EU projects for Czech clientele, which are focused on education. He is also involved in managing and administration of international projects within the ERASMUS + programme and other programs involving international cooperation.

E-mail: marek.trestik @ eracr.cz
GSM: +420 737 803 429

Lucie Marková

Lucie works as EUDA’s project manager. She is in charge of administration and realization of multiple Erasmus+ projects and participates in partner search.

E-mail: lucie.markova @ eracr.cz

Maryna Hrebeniuk

Maryna is an international intern in EUDA. She assists in implementing international projects and is responsible for finding new partners and opportunities.

E-mail: maryna.hrebeniuk @ eracr.cz


You can also use the following contacts:

General email: info @ eracr.cz
+420 222 769 700


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