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Jan Hauser

Jan HauserJan is the owner and a Corporate Agent of European Development Agency. Jan is one of the top Czech experts in European subsidy programs and international cooperation. Within EUDA, Jan focuses on subsidy consulting, professional and educational activities.

E-mail: jan.hauser@eracr.cz

Martin Rejmíš

Martin Rejmíš

Martin is the Managing Director of European Development Agency. Martin is in charge of leading the team and the firm’s key projects.

If you would like to become a member of the EUDA Partner Network or you are interested in having a skill-full project partner from the Czech Republic in your project consortium, contact Martin at the following contacts:

E-mail: martin.rejmis@eracr.cz
GSM: +420 774 455 534

Marek Třeštík

Marek Třeštík

Marek is a Project Manager. Marek is in charge of creating and administering project applications for Czech operational programs, particularly for the Operational Program Research, Development and Education and Operational Program Employment. Marek also takes care of realization and administration of Erasmus+ and other international projects.

E-mail: marek.trestik@eracr.cz
GSM: +420 737 803 429

Kateřina Janatová

Kateřina Janatová

Katka is a Project Manager. Katka administers and realizes projects within Czech operational programs as well as the Interreg Danube, Erasmus+ and other programs.

E-mail: katerina.janatova@eracr.cz
GSM: +420 722 936 008

Jan Šašek

Jan is a Project Manager. He leads projects within the Erasmus+ program, Czech operational programs, Europe for Citizens program and others.

E-mail: jan.sasek@eracr.cz

GSM: +420 779 970 906

Ștefania-Felicia Pavel

Stefania Pavel

Ștefania is a Project Manager. She works mainly on the development of project applications for Europe for Citizens, Erasmus+, Visegrad Fund, and EEA-Norway Grants. Ștefania is also involved in the implementation of Erasmus+ projects. 

E-mail: stefania.pavel@eracr.cz
GSM: +420 603 471 427

Kateřina Kolingerová

Kateřina Kolingerová

Katka is an Office Manager. She is responsible for the smooth day-to-day functioning of the firm. She is the head of the financial department and human resources.

If you wish to know more about career opportunities in ERA, contact Katka at:

E-mail: katerina.kolingerova@eracr.cz
GSM: +420 222 769 700

Zuzana Andělová

Zuzka is an External Project Writer. Her main task is the administration of projects within Czech operational programs, such as Operational Program Employment, Operational Program Research, Development and Education and Operational Program Prague – Growth Pole of the Czech Republic.

E-mail: zuzana.andelova@eracr.cz
GSM: +420 779 970 266

Lisa Petitjean

Lisa is a project manager for Erasmus +, Visegrad Fund and others. In addition, she is responsible for creating applications for these programs.

E-mail: lisa.petitjean@eracr.cz

Jan Hlaváč

Honza, as a junior project manager, supports our team mainly in Erasmus +, Visegrad Fund and other projects..

E-mail: jan.hlavac@eracr.cz

Consortium and Mobility Coordinator

The position is about coordinating the consortium of universities and international mobilities. Coordinator is then in charge of all student and employer mobilities in the Erasmus+ program. This role includes managing the internships for Czech university students who wish to gain experience abroad and also responsibility for the mobilities of foreign students and teachers who want to learn about Czech practice and would like to visit the Czechia.
If you want to learn more about internship opportunities or if you are looking for an intern for your company, contact us at: info@eracr.cz .

General email: info@eracr.cz
+420 222 769 700

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