Alterdrive Project Meeting in Poland

Between 16th and 18th October 2018, a meeting of Alterdrive project partners took place in Byalistok, Poland. The European Development Agency is one of the active participants in the project and was involved in the various steps that will lead to the creation of a new manual for secondary industrial schools about alternative fuels. A part of the meeting was an evaluation of the questionnaire conducted in the past months by head-mechanics in car services of automotive brands in all partner countries of the project.

The questionnaire led to interesting conclusions such as confirmation that students of industrial schools should be taught more intensively about alternative fuels as well as that the system lacks specialists. There is also an urgent need for the education of new mechanics as car services do not have enough educated mechanics for electric or hybrid engines. The project team received a positive feedback on their intentions and already planned further steps to proceed in the upcoming months.

Meeting of the partners of the STOP BULLYING project

A second project meeting of coordinators for all project partners took place from 8 to 10 October 2018. This time, the meeting was organized by our Italian partner from the beautiful northern Italian city of Asti. During the meeting, there was a visit to the partner natural science lyceum and several very beneficial activities directly with the students there. However, the outcome of the meeting was to set the next project timetable and to review the performance of the outputs by individual partners. At Asti, we also started preparations for the third LTTA, which will be held in Portugal in April 2019. On this occasion, Czech teachers will present to their foreign colleagues their own experience of a socially-based type of bullying based on material differences among children.

3D printing workshop for teachers at Fun@Science project

From 15th to 19th of October 2018 a 5day long workshop took place as part of the Fun@Science project. Its aim was to introduce the technology of 3D printing to European teachers and to encourage them to successfully implement it as an element of day to day teaching. The training was organized by our partners from the TUCEP organization located in a gorgeous Italian city of Perugia. As part of the event the participants were introduced the history and evolution of 3D printing methods and above all experienced the practical part of 3D printing by taking advantage of 4 printers provided by our partners. Not only did they print but at the same time all of them were given the possibility to work with the necessary software and create their own printable shapes. At the end of the meeting group educational projects were prepared by the teachers. The quality of their ideas proved the workshop worthwhile.

AgriGo4Cities 5th project partners meeting in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

The project partners of the Interreg Danube Transnational Programme, AgriGo4Cities, gathered together for the 5th meeting in the city of Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. The two-days meeting took place on the 23rd and 24th October 2018 and was organized by the Association of South-Western Municipalities.

During these days the partners presented their action plans and discussed about the final conference that will take place in Budapest, which will be organized by the Central Transdanubian Innovation Agency. Once the main points were discussed the partners had the chance to do three different study visits around Blagoevgrad: one in a flower garden, another in a winter garden in a Day Care Centre for children with special needs, and the last one in an experimental garden in a peri-urban area. 

To know further details about this project partners meeting or to learn more about AgriGo4Cities check out the project´s website: 


VINA Final Project Partners Meeting in Poland

At the end of September, the last meeting of the VINA project took place in the city of Gdańsk (Poland). Partners shared their experience gained throughout the whole 2 year period of the project, discussed last details and planned public events, which will take place in all partner countries (besides the Czech Republic in Poland, Italy, Great Britain, and Greece).
You will be informed about the final Outputs of this project very soon in the project’s last newsletter, so stay in touch!
You can find more information about the project on its website:



First Newsletter of 3D-HELP project

The partners of a project oriented on adult education in 3D printing created an overview of all activities that have been organized since the launch of the project. Look what’s new!

Newsletter template - Issue 01-page-001
Newsletter template - Issue 01-page-002

Participants of CREAT.Y.V. project visited Italy

At the end of September, 4 participants of our workshops went to northern Italy, where they met other workshop participants from Romania. During an all week long mobility, they had an opportunity to gain new interesting information about volunteering and volunteering activities in Italy, about the history of the region around the city of Carpi while visiting a former concentration camp, and about environmental care during a lecture in local protected landscape area. The whole programme was accompanied by a lot of interactive games and activities, during which the participants got to know each other more and found out their strengths and abilities regarding volunteering at the same time. There were also many intergenerational volunteering activities, for example, a musical lecture with elderly people suffering from Parkinson‘s disease. The whole programme was very interesting and successful and we can now look forward to other Romanian participants to visit us in Prague!

You can find more information about the whole project here:

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AgriGo4Cities 4th Project Partners Meeting in Prague

We are glad to let you know that between 30th and 31st May 2018 AgriGo4Cities 4th project partners meeting was held in Prague. The two-day event was hosted by one of the Czech project partners Municipal District of Prague 9.  

On 30th of May, the project partners met together in Prague 9 Town Hall and discussed individual work packages related to the project. Furthermore, the final good practices catalogue of participatory urban agriculture was presented there. The programme on the next day was dedicated to studying visits on the territory of Prague. 

thumb_17916_approved_project_gallery_large thumb_17915_approved_project_gallery_large

Moreover, very interesting reportage by our IVY volunteer Francesco Morra was realized during the meeting. The reportage presents an overall image of “AgriGo4Cities”, the importance of community gardens and the results achieved.

The project partners’ representatives interviewed to explain the motivation that pushed them to collaborate together and their expectations about the future activities. They mainly focus on the issues of social inclusion and participatory approach, trying to transmit the essence of the project.

The reportage shows up the relevance in the local community of urban gardens and all the positive effects that it entails.

Check out the video right now!

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