Pilot testing of e-learning course for informal caregivers within the ELMI project was successfully completed

European Development Agency is part of a consortium of ELMI project (Enhancing labour market integration of elderly family carers through skills improving), which aims to help informal caregivers to access the labour market after their caregivers role is over.
This summer, the pilot testing of e-learning course (created on the base of the Italian model of the organization Anziani e non solo) was running.
During testing, the selected participant (informally caring for their relatives) went through the entire course and quiz at their homes. Those participants, who filled the quiz successfully, obtained Certificate of completion of the course.
They all provided feedback on the quality and usefulness of the course, which indicated the user-friendliness and concise information.
Read more about the results in the 3rd project press release, which can be downloaded here.
More information about the project you can find on the EUDA website here.