2nd Newsletter from E+ Behave Your Prints project


BYP partners gathered in Belgrade, Serbia on May 30th – 31st for the project’s kick off meeting. The Project implementation handbook has been presented to all partners by the Project Coordinator, presenting the main activities, the sub-tasks and the people involved from each partner organisation, along with the relevant time framework.

We had a great experience in Belgrade and we look forward to furthering and fostering cooperation with our partners.

Final TICTAC Meeting in Diósd

The 4th and final project partners meeting was held in Diośd, Hungary, on January 21, 2022, for the Erasmus+ project called TICTAC. The main aim of the meeting was to deal with intellectual output number 2 – the e-learning platform, to plan the multiplier events, and to involve individual partners in their processing and, among other things, dissemination and project management.

The meeting was great and in a relaxed atmosphere and we are looking forward to furthering cooperation.

AGORA Online Meeting

Because of the fact that COVID-19 is a still a treat planned AGORA partners meeting was held online on 21. 7. 2021. Administrative issues as well as individual activities within work packages were discussed during the meeting. Moreover, another AGORA story was presented by the representatives of Chisinau.

AGORA: State of Play Workshop

On 24. 6. 2021 an interactive State of Play Workshop was organized in Prague 9 in cooperation with EuDA. The aim of the workshop was to create a common realistic vision of the needs, problems and opportunities for recovering and reusing public space in a creative way.

Within the workshop AGORA project was introduced, its aims, goals and ambitions, results of WP T1 (e.g. Operational analysis) and other work done so far in other Work Packages were presented and discussed. Stakeholder involvement was evaluated by the project internal team rather positively, most of the stakeholders and organisations representatives  are open to further meetings.

Results of WP T1 generally accepted very well and very positively evaluated as some of the stakeholder have wider and broader experience of spatial planning and brownfield redevelopment, some fewer. Overall, the discussion was fruitful and enriching for all present participants. Selected pilots were well accepted amongst the group.


Facing mobility restrictions due to the current pandemic, AGORA partners have created an alternative kick-off campaign through a  series of digital content to promote our project and get experts’ input. Project Partners worked on different actions/campaigns in which they cooperate closely. One of these Actions is the AGORA WALKS: a set of local kick-offs. The walks and talks are an ongoing process, videos are still under production and they will be used for the communication and the further involvement of experts.

You can see the videos at the following link: http://www.interreg-danube.eu/approved-projects/agora/section/agora-walks

DESK: 5th Newsletter

You can download the fifth newsletter of the project DESK here.


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TICTAC Guide is out! It represents an innovative informal educational programme that can be used by any employee who is working in public institutions or any adult people interested in the solution of problems related to their local communities.

For more information and downloading the Guide visit our project webpage!

DESK: e-learning platform piloting

DESK TOOLKIT: http://desklms.e-sl.gr

Questionnaire: https://forms.gle/3FP9Gw5GUAiMW8fL8 (please choose the Czech Republic as your country in the first question)