LTTA in Prague (21-25.11) Behave Your Prints project

From the 21st to the 25th of November 2022, a Learning Teaching Training Activity was held in Prague, Czech Republic for the Erasmus+ project BYP “Behave your prints”. 

EUDA hosted 24 participants from all 6 countries to take part in several workshops on:
– Digital challenges for adults and teachers working with kids – how to walk kids through the digital world”
– Introduction to Netiquette – How to behave correctly in the digital world with respect to others”
– Digital Security – Minimum of cyber security awareness.  
– Digital productivity and tools

The 4th day of the training was dedicated to dynamic and interactive roundtables on prepared topics such as:
– Digital Footprint and Online Reputation
– Competitive Jobs in the International labor market
– Youth Digital Citizenship and Critical thinking
– Online Youth Risk Behavior / Youth Safety and Responsible Online Youth Behavior

Thanks to fruitful discussions and sharing of professional and personal experiences in working with the youth generation, our 24 participants gave power to the project by giving crucial elements to be added in the BYP methodology.